After over a century of existence and a major overhaul of the company after the reversed IPO in 2014 separating the original Xstrata core group investors from the historical Glencore merger, Xstrata is stronger than ever.

Its global investment sphero-platform has diversified from its core Mining Activity as a full fledged Private Investment Company dedicated to global long-hold direct investments in target industry sectors or in specific strategic investment projects where the company has expertise and can enhance value.

Xstrata’s today has invested in 51 portfolio companies in 30 countries spread across other core industry sectors and still retains major global presence within its core mining investment area in all major continents with 35,000 employees.

Decades of experience of our Board of Directors and Management Team in financial services guides our investment selection, evaluation and structuring.

Strategic planning, forward thinking, proactive sourcing, due diligence, integrated negotiations, and ownership are critical drivers of our investment success.

Xstrata thrives on Creating, Enhancing and Transforming Value for its companies and its Management Teams. Bridging Global Business Cultures and Driving Innovation are key corporate philosophy elements that characterizes us.

Xstrata is a socially responsible company that invests to conserve and preserve the essence of nature and human kind for the 21st century.


Xstrata sources direct investments across a spectrum of different sale situations and stages of company development.